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Facility manager holding a clipboard looking at boxesWhat Jobs Can I Get with a Master’s in Facility Management?

Are you interested in project management, but would prefer to work on a larger scale, like managing a building or group of buildings? Or are you looking to work behind the scenes to make sure front-facing operations run smoothly? 

If that’s the case, and you’ve already graduated with an undergraduate degree, earning a Master of Science in Facility Management (FM) from a program like UTSA Online can help you achieve those dreams! We offer this program 100% online to give you the flexibility you need to earn your degree while balancing other daily responsibilities. 

As a facility manager, you’ll be a powerful force that helps ensure everything in your workplace operates like a well-oiled machine. And with 50% of the current FM workforce expected to retire within the next 5-15 years, now’s a great time to get in on the action.

If this sounds interesting to you, let’s dive a little deeper into this program and the facility management industry. First, we’ll explain what facility management is and what you’ll do in the field. Next, we’ll discuss the industry demand before we dive into what jobs you can get with a Master of Science in Facility Management.

What is Facility Management?

Imagine this: you’re the person who integrates processes with employees across the organization to make sure the daily operations of a building, or maybe even a group of buildings, go off without a hitch. That’s facility management. Your role will be less about fixing leaky faucets (although that might be part of it) and more about making sure the work environment is productive, safe, and humming along nicely.

If you’d like a formal definition, the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) defines it this way: “Facility Management is an organizational function which integrates people, place and process within the built environment with the purpose of improving the quality of life of people and the productivity of the core business.”

As a facility management professional, you’ll make sure everything works well so everyone else can do their job. You’ll be managing one of the company’s largest assets and possibly overseeing a big operating budget. 

One more exciting detail: Facility managers are needed in a lot of different fields. This means you could work at a hospital making sure the building runs smoothly so people can get the care they need, or in the tech industry making sure everything operates as it should so your coworkers can take care of their job, or in a variety of other industries.

Typical Responsibilities Involved in Facility Management

Now that we have an overview of what facility management is, you may be wondering… what would my day look like as a facility manager?

Young facility manager in a warehouseHere are some of the core tasks:

  • Maintenance and repairs: You’ll need to make sure everything under your command is in working order. 
  • Safety checks: You’ll also be responsible for making sure everything is safe, because nobody wants a workplace that feels like an obstacle course.
  • Sustainability planning: You may help the organization promote sustainability measure, ensuring long-term cost management. 
  • Project management and budgeting: It’s important that projects stay on track and under budget, and you’ll have a hand in making sure they stay that way!
  • Leadership: You’ll potentially lead a team of dedicated professionals who optimize building performance and can proactively determine building failures.

These are just a few of the responsibilities you’ll have as a facility manager. 

You’ll get to be involved in a mix of strategic planning, problem-solving, and ensuring everyone has what they need to be their best professional selves. You’ll need to have soft skills, like communications and leadership, as well as knowledge of business, finance, risk management, and more.

Industry Demand for Facility Management Professionals

The demand for skilled facility management professionals is on the rise. We’ve already talked about how 50% of the workforce will retire within the next 5-15 years, but here are some other numbers to think about:

Facility Management Data

  • 5% – expected workforce growth from 2022-2032 (faster than the national average)
  • 31,400 – openings projected each year (on average)
  • $99,030 – median annual wage for facility managers (May 2022)

It’s pretty clear that there’s significant value to the facility management field, and it’s expected to continue its upward trend.

Whether it’s healthcare, educational institutions, or hotels, everyone’s looking for a person like you who can keep their facilities in excellent shape. It’s pretty clear that this is a career path that offers not just variety, but also stability.

Shalita Myrick (Facility Management Class of 2022), was once like you, looking for a long-term, reliable career. She found her passion in facility management and decided to grow her craft with a master’s degree from UTSA Online.

Shalita Myrick - UTSA Online - MS in Facility Management - Class of '22
“When I saw that this program was online and therefore flexible, and it was asynchronous so I could do my work whether I wake up at four o’clock in the morning or wait until late in the evening, I knew it was for me.”
Shalita Myrick, Facility Management - Class of ‘22

The Variety of Career Paths in Facility Management

We’ve talked about what facility management is, what a facility manager does, and why you should consider the field. Next, let’s talk about some specific jobs you can get as a facility manager and where the career can take you. 

From managing hospitals to ensuring a finance company’s headquarters are sustainable and energy-efficient, the variety of facility management jobs is pretty impressive.Woman outside holding a tablet You could find yourself as a:

  • Facility Director: You’ll oversee an entire operation’s facilities. Big title, big responsibilities. But don’t worry, with a master’s degree, you’ll be ready!
  • Environmental, Health, and Safety Officer: You’ll make sure workplaces comply with safety laws. This is a pretty important job and can have major financial implications on a business. 
  • Project Manager: You’ll lead projects to improve or expand facilities. This is another key role, because if projects don’t stay on track, it could impact the budget and future of the company.
  • Sustainability Manager: You’ll focus on making facilities eco-friendlier. It’s important to make sure the company is doing what it can to help the environment.

Each industry comes with its unique set of roles and challenges, which means you’ll rarely find yourself bored.

UTSA Online’s Master of Science in Facility Management Program

As a facility manager, you’ll have an important job where you get to make a big impact. But why get a master’s degree from UTSA in the field? UTSA is one of only 13 schools from around the world, and one of eight from the United States, listed as offering graduate studies in Facility Management on the IFMA Foundation degree page.

UTSA’s program is conveniently 100% online. It was made to help you enter and/or advance in the field so you can get your dream job while still handling your daily responsibilities. 

At UTSA Online, you’ll learn from expert professors who have extensive industry experience with facility management. Some faculty members, such as professor Thomas Mitchell, are leaders in the world of the built environment. 

Through courses like Facilities Management Professional Trends and Quality, Productivity & Technology, you’ll gain skills and knowledge in management, operations, and leadership so you can become a fully qualified facility manager. Explore the full course list and their descriptions on our Facility Management program page.

Benefits to the Master of Science in Facility Management program from UTSA Online:

So, if you’re eager to step into a career that’s all about making workplaces better, safer, and more efficient, consider exploring UTSA Online’s program. The world needs more heroes behind the scenes, making sure everything runs like clockwork. Why not let it be you?

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