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How Will Your Education Benefit Your Family?

Did you know your education can have a ripple effect? It doesn’t just impact your own future; it affects your family’s future too. So if you’re thinking about going back to school, it’s important to consider how your education will benefit your family. 

We’ve probably all heard the phrase “knowledge is power.” That’s because it’s true. As the world keeps changing, increasing your knowledge through education gives you the power to be in charge of your own future.

And if you want another reason, an education can give you more than your own personal growth and fulfillment. It can help you leave a legacy. You’ll show your children the importance of lifelong learning. As they watch you accomplish your educational goals, they’ll see that it’s never too late to change your life. 

Whether you want to finish the undergraduate degree you’ve always dreamed of earning, or you’re looking for a master’s degree or graduate certificate, we want to help you earn the life you deserve. Our 100% online programs are made to do just that.

But for now, let’s explore how your education can benefit you and your family.

Enhanced Career Opportunities

It’s no secret that degrees open doors. You’ve probably noticed that a lot of job descriptions today require a bachelor’s degree, and some specialized fields may even require a master’s degree. There are also jobs that will let you substitute education for work experience. With this in mind, it’s clear that education is synonymous with opportunity. 

Sallye Barnes graduated from UTSA Online in Fall 2023 with her Bachelor of Arts in Communication. Just before she crossed the stage at commencement, we asked her about the experience of earning her degree. With pride, she talked about how this degree will impact her entire family

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“We worked as a team to accomplish this. This degree is all of ours. And this will open up opportunities for us from a financial perspective that I wouldn't have otherwise, and I'm so grateful for every single one of them that stood behind me this whole time.”
Sallye Barnes, Communication '22

Higher earning potential

Did you know that there’s a difference in earning potential between employees who have a bachelor’s degree and those who don’t? Let’s say you earn, on average, about $15,000 more per year than someone with a high school diploma. I’ll bet you can do a lot with that extra money each year!

And think about it. If you earn more per year with a degree, you’ll earn significantly more over your entire lifetime. That isn’t just good news for you. It’s great news for your entire family! This increased earning potential can provide the financial stability you’re looking for while opening up new possibilities.

Financial security and improved quality of life

Having financial stability can be huge in creating a buffer for life’s unexpected turns. Through increased earning potential and careful planning, you’ll be able to more confidently navigate those little life surprises, like a flat tire or an unexpected home repair.

In general, financial stability can help you and your family have a better quality of life. That may mean living in a safer neighborhood or affording quality healthcare, or maybe your family can take a much-needed vacation this year. Whatever it looks like for your family, you deserve to create the life you want. 

Career advancement and professional growth

Let’s be honest, financial security and a higher salary are often the main reasons people are interested in continuing their education. Let’s also look long-term. A degree or certificate will help you develop important skills, like problem-solving and thinking critically, that will help with personal and professional development.

These are the skills you need for long-term career success and adaptability. Not happy in your current role? Transfer your new skills to a new position. Love your current role? Continue advancing as you learn more about the field!

As you learn soft skills like problem-solving and critical thinking, you’ll be able to teach your family to developMom working on laptop kissing baby similar skills themselves. This is part of the legacy you can leave your family.

Catalyst for Personal Growth

By continuing your education, you’re continuing to grow. You’ll evolve, adapt, and become a better version of you each day. 

Have you ever achieved one of your goals and felt like you could conquer the world? Earning your degree is a huge milestone and can be incredibly empowering! You’ll feel your confidence growing, and you’ll have a solid foundation that will help you face the challenges of life. 

This will also help set a positive tone for your family. You can show your family that with perseverance and determination, they can achieve their goals too.

Access to better healthcare, awareness, and wellness resources 

When thinking about a job prospect, do you consider the benefits provided beyond salary alone? 

Full-time jobs are more likely to provide retirement and 401k options, paid holiday and vacation, and more. These can make a difference when deciding which job you accept..

For example, having a bachelor’s degree means you’re more likely to be hired for a job with a company that offers employer-provided insurance. Having healthcare and the option of preventative care can help ensure everyone in the family stays healthy. 

Setting a Family Precedent

Last, but definitely not least, is that by earning your degree, your family will see that you value education. This can help provide a great environment for their own personal growth and academic success. 

Did you know that your children are more likely to attend and finish college if you have a degree? You can set a precedent, showing them that higher education is valuable AND achievable. This doesn’t just affect your own kids. Other family members will notice as well.

You’ll set positive academic expectations for not only your children and family, but for future generations. Each generation builds on the last, so your children and your children’s children can benefit from your educational journey. Just as an older family member may have taught you a creative skill such as woodworking or art, you can help your family learn and appreciate the value of an education.  

How UTSA Online can further your education

Education can transform not only your life, but the lives of your family, too. UTSA Online can help you earn the credentials that will open doors to new opportunities.

In our 100% online programs, you’ll enjoy accessible, flexible, and quality education. You’ll get the same degree while studying under the same faculty as UTSA’s in-person students. The best part? You won’t have to go to campus or log onto the computer at a specific time each week. With UTSA Online’s asynchronous classes, your time is your own. 

So if you’re looking to inspire your family, secure financial stability, or encourage the educational goals of your family members, we’re ready to help you achieve your educational dreams.

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