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Man smiling at cameraWhy Choose a Communication Degree with a Public Relations Concentration?

Communication skills are at the top of many employers’ wish lists in today’s cutthroat job market. By earning a Communication degree with a Public Relations concentration, you’re not just ticking all the right boxes – you’re setting yourself up to have a promising future with different options in your career. 

With UTSA Online’s degree, you’ll have the luxury of enjoying a 100% online program that’s designed just for you: a busy adult who has responsibilities outside of school. You’ll learn from seasoned professionals so you can gain the skills you need to excel in the always-changing world of public relations.

Explore UTSA Online's Communication Program

Let’s explore why a Comm degree with a PR concentration is such a powerful option.

Benefits of Pursuing a Communication Degree

By getting a Communication degree, you’ll be loading your career toolkit with an impressive set of skills. You’ll not only gain a broad understanding of communication theories and media studies, but you’ll also polish your interpersonal skills, which will help you work well in a diverse office setting. And trust us, these skills are worth more than gold in the job market. That sounds pretty good, right?

Add a Public Relations concentration to these diverse skills and now you’re diving headfirst into the vital areas of crisis management, media relations, and strategic communication planning. You’re essentially arming yourself with an array of skills that employers would love to have on their team!

At UTSA Online, you’ll learn skills in public speaking, communication, and theory and practice of social interaction. More importantly, you’ll learn soft skills like problem-solving and critical thinking. You’ll also gain the ability to swiftly adapt to change, as well as the ability to manage crises effectively. These are great skills that are sure to impress potential employers.

Types of Careers 

One of the most powerful aspects of a PR concentration is that it opens so many doors when it comes to job opportunities. You can become a PR specialist who helps a company display a great public image, a marketing manager who designs powerful campaigns that attract customers, or a reporter who helps unearth incredible stories that tug at peoples heartstrings. Isn’t that exciting?

Let’s uncover a few of the career paths you can follow.

Public Relations Specialist

As a PR Specialist (some companies call this a Media Relations Specialist), you’ll get to write press releases about the latest company news, connect with reporters to promote exciting things happening in the organization, and help the company connect with its audience on social media. 

You’ll be a trusted guardian of your company’s image as you expertly navigate public opinion and mitigate crises. Your primary goal will be to create and maintain a positive public voice for your company. 

As a PR Specialist, you can expect a national median income of around $60,000. As you grow in your craft and become more experienced, you can advance to a Public Relations Manager. These roles have a median salary of approximately $130,000 per year!

Marketing ManagerWoman giving presentation at work

If you’ve ever watched a Super Bowl commercial and gotten chills because it was just THAT GOOD, you can thank a Marketing Manager. 

In this role, you’ll have the thrill of coming up with a plan to showcase the company’s products and services to the public. Your message is all about timing and planning so you can make sure the right people see your messages at the right time.

As the manager, you’ll get to develop strategies, identify potential new markets and how to enter those markets, and more. At larger companies, you may even get to oversee a team of people. They’ll help you craft and implement the strategies to reach your target market. 

And the paycheck for such marketing magic? You could be raking in around $135,000 per year!

Brand Manager

Raise your hand if you can tell there’s a McDonalds a mile away because you see the golden arches. Or if you just KNOW an iPhone because of the logo of an Apple with a bite taken out. These things aren’t a coincidence. Brand Managers work hard to make sure everything within a brand aligns. As a Brand Manager, you’ll get to create and maintain the brand itself.

How is this different from a PR manager or a Marketing manager? Let’s break it down:

PR Manager

Focuses on earning coverage from the media and public.

Marketing Manager

Handles individual paid campaigns that promote the brand.

Brand Manager

Responsible for creating and maintaining the brand as a whole.

As a successful Brand Manager, you’ll get to research the trends and public perception in your industry so you can help Marketing Managers make informed decisions about individual campaigns. 

The average salary for a Brand Manager is approximately $75,000. As with most jobs, your experience, education, and location can help determine your rate.

Reporter or Journalist

Ok, we’ve all seen reporters and newspaper writers, right? They’re the ones on TV breaking stories or in the newspaper sharing events. As a reporter or a journalist, you’ll Woman reporting in front of a cameramanbe on the front lines of researching and gathering details of important stories and events so you can keep the public informed. 

And the best part? You’ll have a ton of subjects you can report on. Interested in local and global events? There’s a need for breaking news reporters on both levels. Always loved sports? You could be a Sports Broadcaster or Sports Journalist!

You’ll need some key skills for this career, like the ability to communicate, investigate, and write. Depending on which route you take, you may need to be comfortable in front of a camera, too.

The average salary for a reporter or journalist depends on your location, experience, type of employment, and other factors. The average salary for a reporter is around $40,000 per year, while journalists typically make approximately $60,000 per year. 

Whichever field you’d like to enter, we’ve got your back. You’ll gain the skills you need to excel through UTSA Online’s Communication degree.

Built-In Versatility 

As we’ve noted, one of the best parts of this degree is the versatility. You’ll have a ticket to a wide range of industries. So whether you’re interested in creating marketing campaigns, planning events, helping brands connect to people on social media, or working for a nonprofit, the sky’s the limit and your possibilities are endless. 

You’ll also have the option of working in a traditional PR agency where instead of just working for one organization, you’ll get to work with several companies or clients at once. You’ll be the expert helping each organization create, plan, and execute public relations strategies so they can thrive. 

Man giving presentation at workHow UTSA Online Can Get You Started

If you decide a Communication degree with a PR concentration is right for you, you’ll set yourself up on a great career path. From versatility to building in-demand skills, you’ll have a ton of career paths open and waiting for you. 

And UTSA Online is the perfect platform to help you make this happen. Our 100% online programs are created with flexibility in mind. You’ll never have to go to campus. Instead, you’ll get to complete your coursework around YOUR schedule from ANYWHERE with internet access. If that sounds good to you, let us help you kickstart your career!

Begin Your Path at UTSA Online

If you are interested in our 100% online Communication program, you can contact our enrollment team by emailing us at or giving us a call at 210-458-4000.

Explore UTSA Online's Communication Program