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Crystal Freitag at Spring 2024 CommencementAre you intrigued by several subjects and find it difficult to narrow your academic focus to just one area? Or maybe you already have earned some college credits and are hoping to use those towards a degree. A general studies degree might be the perfect fit for you! General Studies programs allow you to combine different areas of study to create a more customized degree. But what jobs can you get with a general studies degree?

At UTSA, we offer a unique twist on this degree, calling it Multidisciplinary Studies. With our 100% online program, you’ll have the unique opportunity to tailor your academic journey to fit your educational and career goals with the flexibility that your busy life requires. 

You’ll start by selecting three focus areas out of ten options (which you’ll learn more about later in the article), and then you’ll complement that with 27 additional hours of electives! Check out our previous blog post for more information on the specifics of our Multidisciplinary Studies program.

With such a customized degree, you’ll have a wide range of career options to choose from. This is one of the many benefits you’ll enjoy with a Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies from UTSA Online

Additional benefits

  1. Transfer friendly – Our Multidisciplinary Studies program is a great option if you have previous college credits that you’re hoping to use. The registrar will examine your possible credits to determine which are applicable towards your UTSA degree. This means you could have fewer required classes, which will save you time and money towards building your Bold Future.

  2. 100% online and asynchronous – At UTSA Online, you’ll have due dates each week, but you’ll complete your coursework around your own schedule so you can balance school and your other daily responsibilities.

  3. Freedom and flexibility – With our multidisciplinary studies degree, you’ll have the ability to explore your diverse interests, rather than confining yourself to one field of study. We want to give you the flexibility you need to create your Bold Future.

  4. Comprehensive applicable skills – whether you’re looking to grow in your communication, leadership, or problem-solving skills, a Multidisciplinary Studies degree will help you fill your toolkit so you’ll be ready for success.

Now that you know a few of the benefits, let’s explore what you’ll experience with this degree and the exciting career opportunities it opens up in today’s job market.

What Subjects and Skills are Involved in a Multidisciplinary Studies Degree?

The beauty of a Multidisciplinary Studies degree lies in its interdisciplinary nature. In addition to 27 hours of electives, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from ten focus areas, including:

  • Business
  • Communication
  • Data Science
  • Digital Communication
  • Geography
  • Global Affairs 
  • Health
  • Humanities
  • Political Science
  • Sociology

With such a broad educational foundation, you’ll not only gain an enriched understanding of the world, but you’ll also be equipped with valuable transferable soft skills, like critical thinking, communication, teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving, and more.

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Jobs and Career Opportunities with a General Studies Degree

A Multidisciplinary Studies degree could be a great option for you if you’re interested in earning your degree as quickly as possible for job attainment or a promotion. In addition to the possibility of utilizing previously earned credits, as we talked about above, you’ll also get to customize your degree to your passions and goals. You’ll be able to carve your own career path in nearly any industry you’d like to work in. 

This means you’ll have a wide variety of job prospects, such as: 

  • Research Assistant
  • Copywriter
  • General Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Social Worker
  • And more!

Websites like Indeed and Zippia are great additional resources to help you explore the diverse range of career opportunities available to Multidisciplinary Studies graduates.

Career Paths in Business & Management

If you’re interested in leadership and organization, you can use your Multidisciplinary Studies degree to pursue some great roles in business and management.

As you enter the field, positions like project coordinator, administrative assistant, or entry-level management positions are only the beginning. If you’re already in the industry, having a degree will not only impact your career, it can benefit your entire family as well

Whatever your career goals in business are, there’s a role for you. Take a look at some of the Best Business Jobs for 2024 for additional ideas.  

Career Paths in Education & Social Services

Are you passionate about making a difference in the lives of others? A Multidisciplinary Studies degree can open doors to rewarding careers in both education and social services.

Whether you’re looking for a role as a teacher assistant, a social services coordinator, or a community outreach specialist, there are plenty of opportunities for you to positively impact your community. Don’t overlook niche roles in education policy or nonprofit management that may align with your interests.

Check out these lists of Best Education Jobs and Best Social Services Jobs for 2024 for some more ideas. 

Career Paths in Healthcare

If you’d like to help others but are more interested in the healthcare field, you’ll have career options with a Multidisciplinary Studies degree. 

Whether you’re interested in administrative roles – like medical office assistant or healthcare administrator – or more patient-facing positions – like patient advocate – there’s no shortage of opportunities. 

You can even consider exploring niche areas such as healthcare informatics or medical sales for unique career paths. If this peaks your interest, you can even consider earning a Medical Device Commercialization Graduate Certificate after graduation.

Here are lists of the Best Health Care Jobs and the Best Health Care Support Jobs in 2024. 

Woman typing on a laptop while studying at homeCareer Paths in Technology and IT

A Multidisciplinary Studies degree can help you be equipped with the foundational knowledge you need to succeed in today’s digital age. 

You’ll be better prepared for roles like technical support specialist, data analyst, or digital marketing assistant. Make sure you keep an eye out for emerging fields such as cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. These can offer you exciting career prospects if you’re a tech-savvy person.

Learn more about the Best Technology Jobs in 2024.

Career Paths in Arts and Humanities

If you have a passion for creativity and cultural expression, a Multidisciplinary Studies degree can lead to fulfilling roles in the arts and humanities. 

There are plenty of opportunities to pursue your interests, such as working in museums, event planning, or cultural organizations. You can also consider niche roles like arts administration or cultural preservation for unique career paths in this field.

Explore some career options in fine arts and humanities.

UTSA’s Multidisciplinary Studies Degree

A Multidisciplinary Studies degree offers endless possibilities in terms of career options. At UTSA Online, you’ll get a blend of flexibility and academic rigor to help put you on the path to success.

Since you’ll choose three focus areas out of nine possible options, you’ll get to tailor your degree to suit your interests and career goals. And you can rest assured knowing you’re receiving an excellent education because you’ll be taking the same courses from the same professors as our on-campus students.

Whatever industry you’re interested in, you can pursue your passions and chart your own path to the life you want.

Are you ready to take the next step? Explore our Multidisciplinary Studies program and start building your Bold Future today!

Interested in learning more about UTSA Online’s Multidisciplinary Studies program?

Contact us today to learn more about our Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies program and all it has to offer. If you are ready to start your path toward a Multidisciplinary Studies degree, contact UTSA Online’s Enrollment Team at 210-458-4000 or

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