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Updated: July 1, 2024

Why Do People Choose to Earn an Online Degree?

Student taking online degree classesWhether you’re a full-time employee, a caregiver for an ill family member, a parent, in military deployment, or you are simply experiencing any other life change that is preventing you from completing your degree on campus, online education may be the right choice for you. The last few years have been a reminder of how important it is to find a balance between our personal life, our job, and our education. Online classes offer you the flexibility to take courses at your own pace, giving you the ability to accomplish your education goals while respecting your busy schedule.

Online vs. Traditional Learning

You may still be deciding between online and traditional learning. Take into consideration the different situations happening in your life. You may choose to take online classes because you don’t live near a college or university that offers the program you want to pursue. Accessibility is another reason why online education has become so popular: you no longer have to rely on rigid class schedules or the inconvenience of having to find parking on campus. The same quality education is now available to you 100% online, meaning that you can take classes whenever you find it convenient.

If you work full-time or you’re raising a family, you’ll benefit from taking classes whenever you can fit them into your busy schedule without having to miss out on anything else going on in your life. The beauty of earning an online degree is that you’ll learn from the same faculty and you’ll accomplish your educational goals, but at your own pace.

6 Benefits to Earning an Online Degree

An online degree offers you enhanced career opportunities, giving you the education and skills that you need to prepare for the job that you desire. The numerous benefits of earning an online degree include the following:

  1. Flexibility. Regardless of how busy your day looks, you don’t need to put your education on hold. Online classes can be taken anywhere.
  2. Lower Cost. At UTSA Online, tuition rates are lower than in person. Undergraduate tuition ranges between $486 and $525 per credit hour, and graduate tuition ranges between $550 and $825 per credit hour. No additional fees, no out-of-state tuition.
  3. More Free Time. Being in charge of your own schedule gives you the freedom to complete your courses and assignments at your convenience, allowing you to have enough time left to relax and decompress after a busy day.
  4. Independence. Online classes give you the autonomy to direct your own learning. There’s no worrying about fitting into a specific class time or being restricted by a professor’s office hours.
  5. Career Advancement. Earning your degree online offers you the opportunity to expand your professional horizons without jeopardizing any other aspect of your life.
  6. Improving Time Management. Many online students find that working independently to complete their assignments and stay up to date on deadlines improves their time management abilities.

Degrees You Can Earn with UTSA Online

UTSA Online offers a variety of degrees and certificates to help you achieve your career goals at your own pace with the same rigor, same faculty, and same quality education as the one provided to UTSA students on campus.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication | Develop and sharpen your communication skills while you explore digital media, editing and technical writing, and intercultural and organizational communications. You’ll also have the option of adding either a Digital Communication or a Public Relations concentration.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media Influence | Explore multimedia production and learn how to turn your passion for digital content creation into a rewarding career.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies | This degree offers 11 areas of specialization: Business, Communication, Data Science, Digital Communication, Geography, Global Affairs, Political Science, Health, Humanities, Sociology and Medical Humanities. You can choose your own specializations to tailor your degree to your interests and career goals.
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Cyber Security | UTSA Online’s Cyber Security program will provide you with the necessary skills to build defensive infrastructure, protect sensitive data from external dangers, and contribute to long-term business success.


  • Master of Science in Facility Management | With this master’s degree you will become a fully-qualified facility manager with skills in management, operations, and leadership in a 30-credit-hour program.
  • Data Science Graduate Certificate | This certificate program is designed for students who have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline, and it includes fundamental knowledge for those without a programming or data science background.
  • Facility Management Graduate Certificate | With this certificate program you will be prepared to support and advance the facilities management profession, as you will gain skills and knowledge in management, operations, and leadership. This program is considered stackable, which means all credit hours earned from it can transfer into the M.S. in Facility Management program.
  • Medical Device Commercialization Graduate Certificate | The graduate certificate in Medical Device Commercialization is 100% online and designed to train you to understand the complexities in translating biomedical technologies from the bench-top to the market.

If you are ready to take the next steps, get in touch with our team of enrollment counselors and get all your questions answered. They will be there to assist you on every step of the application and enrollment process.

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