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Person being comforted over the phoneAlthough the holidays are often filled with family, friends, and celebrations, they can also bring about feelings of stress and anxiety. But as an enrolled UTSA Online student, you’ll have 24/7 access to TimelyCare, which can help ease the worry that life can sometimes cause. 

Melissa Hernandez, Associate Dean of Students-Wellbeing at UTSA, shared “mental health and wellbeing are an important part of student success. We recommend students utilize resources like TimelyCare to take care of themselves and maintain their wellbeing.” 

What is TimelyCare? 

TimelyCare is a mental health support service that offers a safe space for you to share your emotions and feelings without fear of judgement. You’ll be able to talk to a trained mental health professional who can help you better understand how to manage the stress and anxiety that can come with life.  

It’s a free service that’s available 24/7 for all UTSA Online students. It’s easy to use and accessible by any web-enabled device, like your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. You’ll have access to the service anywhere in the U.S., with some options available internationally as well. 

TimelyCare cannot prescribe controlled substances, but they can refer you to a psychiatrist who can determine if there is such a need. 

What are the Benefits of TimelyCare? 

Are you looking for self-care tips? Or do you feel that you need a community that truly understands what you’re going through? TimelyCare may be a great option for you to learn how to manage stress as a student, as a parent, as an employee, or as all three! 

The comprehensive mental health app has a wide range of services available, free of charge, for all UTSA students, including 100% online students. Services include everything from mental health assistance to mental health coaching and moderated peer support. 

TalkNow (available internationally) 

This on-demand section of the app allows you to receive unlimited mental health assistance from professionals trained in providing emotional support. 

If you need someone to talk to, simply access this service in your TimelyCare app [available on iPhone and Android] or through your portal on the website. You can choose a video call, a phone call, or to chat. You’ll answer a few questions, and within an average of five minutes, you’ll have someone to talk to. 

With this service, the goal is to get you into a good headspace. You’ll work together to come up with next steps and a plan to help you manage stressful situations. 

Once you’ve had at least one session, future providers will be able to see the notes in your folder to better provide the support you need. 

Scheduled Counseling (U.S. Only) 

If you’re looking for counseling sessions with the same provider, you also have the option of scheduling up to 9 sessions per year with a licensed counselor. Although they are limited in the language options provided, there is an option to have a translator present to assist in the session if needed. 

Once you’ve used your 9 visits, you have the option of adding additional sessions for $79/per session. This expense will typically come out-of-pocket since TimelyCare doesn’t take insurance, but the organization can help connect you with a provider who may accept your insurance. 

Psychiatry (U.S. Only) 

Although this option won’t show up when you first sign in to TimelyCare, you may be granted access if advanced mental health care is needed. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor, typically with an M.D. or a D.O., who specializes in mental illness. They can help prevent, diagnose, and treat more specialized situations. Psychiatry services require a referral by a TimelyCare counselor or a UTSA Wellness 360 counselor. 

Health Coaching (available internationally) 

Maybe you’re more interested in simply living a healthy lifestyle, like eating right and exercising regularly. TimelyCare’s nationally board-certified health coaches can help you with that. Hands holding a smiley-face ball

You’ll meet with them to create an action plan that can help you accomplish your lifestyle goals. 

If a more serious situation exists, such as an eating disorder or substance abuse, the health coach may refer for in-person services as opposed to virtual.  

Self-Care Content 

In addition to the above services, there’s also a ton of self-serve content available through TimelyCare. So whether you’re looking for yoga sessions, study essentials, or meditation ideas, check out the Journey and Discovery tabs in your profile. 

There’s also a Community tab that serves as a safe space for you to share your feelings anonymously. This is a monitored section and all posts are screened before they go live. 

Basic Needs 

If you’re in need of basic resources, TimelyCare can help connect you to low or reduced-cost community resources in your area.  

Who should consider using TimelyCare? 

According to Melissa, this service should be used by “anyone who is feeling stressed or overwhelmed or wants to talk to a professional about their concerns, should consider utilizing TimelyCare.”  

Analicia Gonzales, Senior Associate Director of Communications for Student Affairs at UTSA, also shared that “anyone looking for additional support outside your inner circle” can benefit from the services provided by TimelyCare. 

Melissa added “The services are great for students who want to try counseling for the first time or for those who need to restart counseling.” 

So whether you are looking for support from a mental health professional or are interested in practicing self-care, the services provided by TimelyCare offer a wide range of options to help you. 

Is TimelyCare Safe? 

It’s important to have help from the right people when you’re looking for mental health support. That’s why all providers that work for TimelyCare must have at least a master’s degree in a behavioral health field.  

Whether you’re interested in utilizing TalkNow, scheduled counseling, health coaching, or any of the other services, all are provided by licensed or supervised mental health professionals.  

All services are confidential, but it’s recommended that you be in a safe and private space during sessions to help keep your information secure. 

After each session, you’ll receive a copy of your care plan in your profile. You can review these at any time. Visit records are also shared with licensed counselors at the UTSA Wellness 360 clinic to help ensure you have the support you need. 

Additional Mental Health Resources for UTSA Online Students 

As a UTSA Online student, you are welcome to attend Wellbeing Services programs and events, some of which are hosted on-campus and some online.  

You’ll have the option of workshops, meetings, volunteer and education opportunities, as well as access to UTSA’s integrated health program, Wellness 360. 

Learn more about Wellbeing Services and your mental health options as a UTSA Online student

If you’re experiencing feelings of hopelessness or extreme depression, call the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988 in the United States. UTSA students can also call UTSA Crisis Helpline at 210-458-4140