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Multidisciplinary Studies

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This flexible program allows you to pursue a well-rounded degree customized to your diverse interests and talents while making the most of the college credits you’ve already earned.

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Unparalleled Flexibility

The Multidisciplinary Studies degree offers unparalleled flexibility by allowing you to develop a degree plan tailored specifically to your academic and career goals.

This program is designed to encourage creativity, innovation, and critical thinking by offering the opportunity to capitalize on diverse interests and talents.

Prepare for a Wide Range of Careers

You’ll take courses from three different disciplinary areas that you will later demonstrate a mastery over by completing a final project that addresses a question or problem relating to those areas.

This degree can prepare you for a wide range of careers pertaining to the areas of study that you engage in.

This program is designed to encourage creativity, innovation, and critical thinking while also preparing you with marketable skillsets.

Our curriculum is designed to help you thrive in careers like:

  • Education
  • Government
  • Management
  • Human Resources
  • Law Enforcement
  • Nonprofit management

Your degree plan will include:

  • Foundational courses that will teach you helpful skills for any industry
  • A senior seminar course that allows you to demonstrate the mastery of your subjects
  • Three focus areas of your choosing:
    • Focus Area 1: 15 credit hours
    • Focus Area 2: 12 credit hours
    • Focus Area 3: 12 credit hours
  • Elective credits to allow you to further tailor your degree to your interests 
    • Electives: 27 credit hours 

The online Multidisciplinary Studies program offers four specializations:

  • Health
  • Communication
  • Business
  • Sociology

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